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Auto-Lock - Snubbers, special shock absorbers and cylinders - Quiri
Rod locking system with positive safety, for tensionning and locking. The locked load range is from 5kN to 3000kN for stroke up to 2 meters.
Auto-Lock is a patented locking system based on the principle of the elastic expansion of metals under a fluid pressure.

Auto-Lock system

The female part of the Auto-Lock device has a bore inferior to the diameter of the rod on which it is mounted, creating a friction locking connection caused by the elastic deformation of the metals used. The unlocking is obtained by hydraulic pressure evenly applied between the two surfaces in contact.

Reverse Auto-Lock system

Reversely to the previous system, locking is obtained through application of hydraulic pressure and unlocking through lack of pressure.

Features and advantages of the Auto-Lock system

- The locking loads can reach 300 tons and hold the position with great precision during an unlimited length of time. - The stroke is not limited and there exists an infinite variety of locking positions. - The locking in insensitive to vibrations as well as to temperature variations. - In case of accidental overloading, the rod will slide and the Auto-Lock will act as a brake. Provided the sliding is accidental and not repetitive, it will not bring about any damage.

Autonomous Auto-Lock system

This system makes it possible to implement locking in any direction (translation-rotation, simultaneous translation and rotation) over long strokes. It is independent from the propelling system. Mounting should be carried out at the factory by means of a special tool which has to be adapted onto the end of the rod. Auto-Lock - Snubbers, special shock absorbers and cylinders - Quiri - 2  

Linear cylinder with Auto-Lock on rod

This system combines the advantages of a hydraulic cylinder with those of an integrated locking system. The locking capacity of the Auto-Lock system is independent from the efforts carried out by the cylinder. Auto-Lock - Snubbers, special shock absorbers and cylinders - Quiri - 3

Auto-Lock on piston

Whilst this system has the same characteristics as the previous one, it is also particularly adapted to aggressive environments which need a special protection of the rod. Auto-Lock - Snubbers, special shock absorbers and cylinders - Quiri - 4