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Oil coolers for nuclear industry

Published on 2021-12-06
Réfrigérant d'huile pour l'industrie nucléaire - Quiri
Réfrigérant d'huile pour l'industrie nucléaire conçu et fabriqué dans notre chaudronnerie - Quiri

Packing for shipment in our #QUIRI workshops of an #oil cooler, part of a batch of 5 coolers, all intended to be installed in nuclear power plants. They were designed to replace the existing exchangers. The challenge was to maintain the connection and installation dimensions of the existing heat exchangers, while offering improved thermal performance and complying with the most recent normative and regulatory constraints.

These 5 oil coolers were designed and built in our Duttlenheim workshops and were subject to quality control according to the standards of the #nuclear industry.