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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri

Industries concerned : 
Fuel heater : Electric heaters, skids and special equipments - Quiri
Some sites only have electric power. Thanks to our heaters, we convert it into thermal energy and can thus heat fluids such as fuel oil, before it is injected into the combustion chamber.

Thermal specificities:


Quiri, specialist in heat exchangers, introduces you an electrical fuel heater.

We have delivered this type of exchangers to many countries as part of the construction of power plants.

The electric heater, which is a heat exchanger, of Quiri thermal design, heats the fuel oil through an electric immersion heater to obtain the required viscosity at the inlet of the turbine.


Some Technical Data:

Shell side
Nature of fluids   Fuel
Flow t/h 36
Inlet temperature °C 0 to 50
Outlet temperature °C 25 to 120
Operating pressure Bar abs 10
Design pressure Bar g 12
Design temperature °C 140
Heat exchanged kW 30 to 1800
Shell diameter mm 100 to 800




Geometric specificities:


Horizontal heat exchanger, overall length 4 m, empty weight 2 tons.


Construction Specificities:


Code : ASME VIII Div.1 + TEMA R

Regulation: PED 2014/68 / EU and/or U STAMP

Joint efficiency : 0.85

We also fit isolation, drain and vent valves on these electric heaters.
We also install thermometers, safety valve as well as temperature probes allowing the regulation of the heating power. A safety thermocouple is also installed in contact with the skin of the immersion heater in order to guarantee a maximum skin temperature.
A system of recovery tank is also installed in order to recover any fuel leaks.
We also carry out the electric heat tracing as well as the thermal insulation of these exchangers.
We also carry out the wiring of the instrumentation which we centralize on an electrical box.
We produce fuel heaters with a single immersion heater or with multiple immersion heaters according to the desired customer regulation (see photos below).




  Material Standard
Shell Gr6 SA333
Tubesheet LF2 SA350
Shell flanges LF2 SA350
Cover WPB SA234
Bundle tubes TP321 EN 10217-7
Nozzles Gr6 SA333


Tube to tubesheet attachment : welding

Welding procedures : according to ASME IX

Welders qualifications : according to ASME IX



Quality specificities :


LOFC according to customer specifications, requirements of European and local regulations.



Pictures :

Fuel heater : Electric heaters, skids and special equipments - Quiri - 2 Fuel heater : Electric heaters, skids and special equipments - Quiri - 3