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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Shell and tube heat exchangers
Preheater : Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri
Optimizing the thermal efficiency of an installation consists in optimally recovering the energy that would otherwise be lost (fatal heat). A water preheater makes it possible to recover the heat contained in the condensates before storage.

Thermal Specificities


Quiri, as a specialist of heat exchangers, can provide you a water preheater.

Device delivered in France in 2020 as part of the construction of a Waste Facility


The preheater supplied by Quiri is part of a batch of 3 heat exchangers: a water preheater, a vaporizer and a steam superheater.

The Quiri thermal design heat exchanger preheats superheated water from condensates from an upstream turbine.


Some Technical Data:



Shell Side Tube Side
Nature of the fluids Superheated water / Gas 2 Condensats / Gas 2
Number of passes 2 2
Service Temperature (inlet / outlet) °C 105 204 231 137
Service Pressure Bar (a) 29.5 28.4
Main Dimensions
Power kW 728
Exchanged Area Installed 98.6
Bundle tubes Type Bended U-tubes
Shell Diameter mm 450


Geometric specificities :


Horizontal tubular heat exchanger, overall length 7500 mm, empty weight 4 Tons.




Construction specificities:


Code: EN 13445

Regulation: DESP 2014/68 / EU

Calculation temperature: 0 ° C on tubeside / 300 ° C on shellside

Design pressures: 35 bar (g) on ​​tubeside and 40 bar (g) on ​​ shellside

Test pressures: 57 bar (g) on ​​tubeside and 65 bar (g) on ​​ shellside

Risk category IV, inspection Modula G

Welding coefficient 0.85




Metallurgy :

  Material Norm
shell P265 GH EN 10028-2
Tubesheets P280 GH EN 10222-2
Flanges P280 GH EN 10222-2
Head P265 GH EN 10028-2
Bundle tubes P265GH-TC1 EN 10216-2
Tubes Gr6 ASTM A333
Baffles S235JRG2 EN 10025


Tubes / Tubesheet connection: welding and expansion

Welding procedures: EN ISO 15614-1 or EN 288.3

Welders certifications: According to EN 287.1 or EN 1418

Semi-automatic MIG/MAG processes



Quality Specificities:


Quality plan according to customer specifications, European and local regulations.




3D view:

Preheater : Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri - 2