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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri


Accessories for floating head

Any component part of an exchanger may need to be changed. Boiled and machined parts, these accessories must replace the existing ones and are therefore real precision sets.

Heat exchanger test ring

These precision machined parts are essential for carrying out the regulatory periodic tests of "floating head" type exchangers.

Air cooler bundles

For air cooling installations, in order to transmit thermal energy from an internal fluid to the ambient air, air coolers are the appropriate solution. Quiri supplies replacement beams for chemical, refining or steel plants.

Distribution box

For maintenance operations or installation upgrades, we can provide exchanger parts which are removable and therefore by nature replaceable. The distribution boxes are sheet metal and machined parts and constitute true precision assemblies in order to ensure replacement instead.

Welded components

With its experience in boiler making and welding, on the basis of its "trade" expertise, Quiri Echanges Thermiques can supply any type of special part on plan.

Spare bundles (AES, BEW, BEU, BFU, AEP)

For maintenance operations or installation upgrades, we can supply U-type harnesses, or with floating or sliding head, thus making it possible to restore the performance of your fleet of exchangers.