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Air cooler bundles

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Spare parts
Air cooler bundles : Spare parts - Quiri
For air cooling installations, in order to transmit thermal energy from an internal fluid to the ambient air, air coolers are the appropriate solution. Quiri supplies replacement beams for chemical, refining or steel plants.

Technical specifications :


The bundles operate on the principle of using atmospheric air as a cooling source. Installed mainly outdoors and in industrial environments, these tubular heat exchangers are exposed to climatic conditions and ambient air quality. The heat exchange takes place through the finned tubes, which can be attached, extruded, type G, L, KL or LL. The tubes can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the nature of the fluid to be cooled. The fins are generally made of aluminium, but can also be made of copper or steel with galvanization. Aluminium has the advantage of being light and not very sensitive to fouling. Galvanized steel offers a long service life. Whatever the type of boxes, with caps, welded, or dismountable, we make the batteries that will allow your installation to recover its original performances.


Some Technical Data on the Oxygen Steel Plant project in the Middle East:


Name of the device Bundle refining zone Bundle continuing casting zone
Fluid Water Water
operating pressure 10 bar 10 bar
design pressure 10 bar 10 bar
hydraulic test pressure 15 bar 15 bar
design temperature -10 / 120 °C -10 / 75 °C
welding coefficient 0,7 0,85
corrosion allowance 3 3
Nozzle load Acc to  API 661 Acc to API 661
Number of tubes / bundle 152 140
Number of fins per inch 10 FPI 10 FPI
Exchange surface/bundle 2992 m² 3496 m²
Number of bundle/exchanger 4 4
Tubes P235 GH – TC1 P235 GH -TC1
Fin /type Aluminium extruded Aluminium extruded
nozzles P235 GH -TC1 P235 GH – TC1
Fram Galvanized carbon steel Galvanized carbon steel
Channel type Removable cover Removable cover
Tubesheets P 265 GH P 265 GH



Geometric Specificities :

Forced (refining zones) and induced (continuous casting zone)

Constructive Specificities :

Code : ASME VIII + API 661

Regulation: DESP 97/23/EC

Welding Processes: ASME IX Approved

Welder Approvals: As per ASME IX

Semi-automatic MIG/MAG processes

Quality Specificities  :

LOFC according to customer and local specifications.

Measurements taken on site to guarantee interchangeability

Air cooler bundles : Spare parts - Quiri - 2