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Feedwater heater (LP/HP)

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Shell and tube heat exchangers
Feedwater heater (LP/HP) : Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri
These tube and shell type exchangers are intended to heat the feed water for the boiler of a thermal electricity production unit. It is the steam or hot condensates that heat the water.

Thermal Specifics :

Within the framework of the rehabilitation of a Thermal Power Plant in North Africa under the management of an Algerian Electricity producer, Quiri, specialist in heat exchangers, realized the mechanical design and manufacturing of a high pressure feedwater heater RHP.

The function of this vertical type heat exchanger is to heat the feed water which circulates on the tube side and then deliver it into the steam generator. The reheating steam circulating shell side is taken from the medium-pressure casing of the turbine.

Quiri supplied two identical reheaters for two different lines.

This reheater is a multitubular heat exchanger characterized by a so-called three-in-one system (desuperheating, cooling and subcooling of the steam shell side).

Quelques Données Techniques :

Shell Side Tube side
Medium   Stream / condensate Feed water
Flow Kg/h 19 996 / 31 523 520 300
Inlet temperature °C 477 / 218,64 189
Outlet temperature °C / 194,56 213,14
Design pressure Kg/cm² 26 250
Hydrotest pressure Kg/cm² 39 375
Design temperature °C 490 / 230 250
Number of passes   1 2
Main dimension  
Installed heat exchange surface 574,2
Tube type   Bent bare tubes
Shell diameter mm 1182


Geometric Specificities :

Vertical heat exchanger ; Empty weight  21 Tons.

Constructive Specificities :

Code : ASME VIII div 1 Ed. 2015 + TEMA 9ème édition

Country rules : PED 2014/68/UE et Réglementation Algérienne : Décret No. 90/245 relatif à la réglementation Algérienne des appareils à pression de Gaz et Décret No. 90/246 relatif à la réglementation Algérienne des appareils à pression de Vapeur

Welding joint UW-12 (FULL) shell side and tube side


Main materials :

  grade standard
Skirt shell 13CrMo4 EN 10028-3
Shell SA516 Gr 70 ASME
Tubesheet SA266 Cl 2 ASME
Desuperheating baffles 13CrMo4 EN 10028-3
Sub cooling baffles S235 JRG2 EN 10205
tubes P265GH TC2 EN 10216-2
Forged nozzles Gr6 ASTM A333
Baffles SA350 LF2 ASME

tube/ tube sheet attachment : welding and expansion

Welding  : acc to ASME IX

Welders qualification : acc to ASME IX

Quality Specificities :

Quality plan according to customer specifications, European and Algerian regulations requirements.

Establishment of a preliminary file and sending it to the Algerian General Directorate of Mines (DGM), formerly called DDP and ARH for approval before launching the manufacturing process.



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