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Heat exchanger test ring

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Spare parts
Heat exchanger test ring : Spare parts - Quiri
These precision machined parts are essential for carrying out the regulatory periodic tests of "floating head" type exchangers.

Technical specifications:


Quiri, specialist in heat exchangers, offers you a Proof Ring.

Spare part delivered in North Africa on behalf of a joint venture exploiting gas in the Algerian desert.

This hydraulic test ring was manufactured by Quiri for a tubular heat exchanger with floating head, type TEMA AES. This device is an indispensable tool for checking the tightness of the tube connection on the floating tube plate. The test ring is necessary to carry out the ten-year hydraulic test in the presence of the authorized inspector.


Technical datas


Shell side Tube side
medium Huile stabilisée Huile de Stripper
Number of passes 1 2
Service temperatures °C 191,7 / 173,5 86,2 / 100,5
Service pressure Bar G 10,8 12,9
Main dimension
Heat load kW
Installed exchange surface
Tube type
Channel diameter mm 750


Geometrical specifities :


Test ring for horizontal heat exchanger.

Construction :


Code : ASME VIII div 1

Country rules : Algérian

Design temperature :  +240 °C shell side  / +150 °C tube side

Design pressure : 14 bars (g) shell side / 20 bars (g) tube side

Test pressure : 21 bars (g) shell side et 30 bars (g) tube side

Welding joint : 0.85



Main material :

  grade standard
Test flange P265GH EN 10028-2
Flat end cover P265GH EN 10028-2
Gasket positionning flange P265GH EN 10028-2


Welding  : acc to ASME IX

Welders qualification : acc to ASME IX

2D view :

Heat exchanger test ring : Spare parts - Quiri - 2