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Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Shell and tube heat exchangers
Gas cooler : Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri
To cool a gas which only partially condenses, the shell and tube heat exchanger is ideal because it allows the two phases to be separated if necessary


The function of this tubular heat exchanger (gas cooler) is to cool humid air in a more general gas production process. Indeed, the customer acquired an “air compressor after cooler” for a production site located in Brazil, following an agreement with a local cellulose and paper production company, for the supply of 160 tons per day of gaseous oxygen. As part of this contract, our client is building a new Air Separation Unit (ASU). The ASU also produces liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon to serve the region’s mining, iron and steel industries, as well as the healthcare sector.

Nitrogen and oxygen are produced from the air around us in a multi-step process. A first step is to clear the air of dust and begin the compression process. This is followed by a filtration phase to remove carbon dioxide and water before moving on to the cryogenic stage, to liquefy the mixture before distillation and thus obtain gas separation.

The gas cooler that we have designed and manufactured is located at the beginning of the process and its thermal program is to cool the compressed air and to start the extraction of water from the gas.

The so-called “normal” design case consists of cooling 34751Nm3/h (flow rate considered dry, i.e. 12.405 kg/s) of air at 9.4% relative humidity from 115 °C to 35 °C. To achieve this, 94503 kg/h (25.26 kg/s) of water at 30°C is available. The water outlet temperature must not be higher than 40°C and the pressure drop across the shell and tube heat exchanger must not exceed 1 bar. For humid air, subjected to a pressure of 21.5 bar at the heat exchanger inlet, the total pressure drop must not exceed 0.1 bar.

Some Technical Data :


Shell side Tube side
Thermal program Fluid name Cooling water Wet air
Total flow  rate                                              kg/s 25.26 12,47
Gas                                                                  kg/s 0,0575
Liquid                                                             kg/s 25.26
Non condensable                                            kg/s 12,405
Temperature inlet/outlet                                 °C 30 / 40 115 / 35
  Duty                                                                 kW 1125.2
Contraintes Fouling                                                      m²K /w 0,00017 0,000086
Maxi pressure drop                                       bar 1 0,1
Maximal overall length                               m 7 m
Nominal diameter  inlet / outlet                                   mm 150 / 150 300 / 300
  Tubes diam and thickness                  mm x mm 16 x 1,25
  Tubes material CuNi 90/10
  TEMA type BEM
  N of passes 1 passe
  Heat  exchange area                                        m² 170.4



Horizontal tubular heat exchanger for gas cooling, perfect counterflow



Constructive Specificities :


Code : ASME VIII div 1

Regulation: DESP 97/23/EC

Design temperature: 80°C / +150 °C

Design pressures: 6 / 24 bar (g) on channel side and shell side

Test pressures: 9 / 36bar (g on channel side and shell side.

Welding coefficient 0.85

Material  :

  grade standard
shell P265 GH EN 10028-2
Tubesheet C63000 ASTM B 171
Channel flanges P265 GH EN 10028-2
dishes P265 GH EN 10028-2
Bundle tubes CuNi90/10
nozzles Gr6 ASTM A333
baffles Brass  


Tube to tubesheet attachment : welded and expanded

Welding processes: EN 288.3 approved

Welders’ approvals: According to EN 287.1

Semi-automatic MIG/MAG processes


Quality Specificities :


LOFC according to customer and local specifications.

Helium inter-circuit leakage test.

Operating file in English and Portuguese language


Gas cooler : Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri - 2

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As a specialist in the design and manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers, Quiri Thermal Exchanges offers gas coolers that incorporate cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal heat dissipation and performance. Designed to meet the evolving demands of diverse industries, our heat exchangers for gas cooling provide a reliable solution to manage thermal loads effectively and within any unique application. Featuring an adaptive design that allows seamless integration into various processes, our industrial gas coolers are versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your industry. 

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