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Liquid cooler

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Shell and tube heat exchangers
Liquid cooler : Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri
In a chemical process or an energy production process, a liquid can be caused to be cooled. If the fluid used for cooling is river water or sea water, multi-tube exchangers are particularly well suited because they allow the periodic cleaning which is essential to maintain the performance of the exchanger.

Thermal Specifics :


Quiri specialist in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers and boiler pressure vessels offers you a Liquid Cooler (Noria Cooler) which is a multitubular heat exchanger with fixed tube plates, type TEMA NEN.

The Noria cooling water circulating on the shell side is cooled by sea water circulating on the tube side. The use of sea water requires specific metallurgy and corrosion protection coating on the seawater box side.


This liquid cooler (Noria water) has been thermally designed, manufactured and installed by Quiri on behalf of an Electricity producer in Morocco.


For this project, Quiri also supplied four DN700 isolation valves on the seawater circuit side.


Some Technical Data:


Shell side Tube side
medium   Process water Sea water
Flow m³/h 1 050 2 100
Inlet temperature °C 28 19
Outlet temperature °C 24 21,2
Design pressure Bar 9 5
Hydrotest pressure Bar 13,5 7,5
Design temperature °C 50 50
Number of passes   1 1
Main dimension  
Installed heat exchange surface
Tube type   Bare tubes
Shell diameter mm 1250






Geometric Specificities:


Horizontal heat exchanger. Empty weight 16,8 Tons.



Constructive Specificities:


Code : ASME VIII div 1 + TEMA R

Country rules: PED97/23/CE

Welding joint UW-11


Métallurgie :

  Matière Norme
Shell SA516 Gr 60 ASME
Tubesheet SB171 C63000 ASME
Desuperheating baffles SA516 Gr 60 ASME
Sub cooling baffles SB111 C68700 ASME
tubes SA516 Gr 60 ASME
Nozzles flanges P245GH EN10222-2


tube/ tube sheet attachment : welding and expansion

Welding  : acc to ASME IX

Welders qualification : acc to ASME IX



Quality Specificities :


Quality Plan according to customer specifications, the requirements of European regulations and Moroccan regulations.

Plan 2D :

Liquid cooler : Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri - 2