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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri


Evaporative condenser

The multitubular exchanger remains an equipment very well suited to industrial cold production installations of high power, particularly in chemical or petrochemical processes.

Steam generator

These exchangers are used to produce clean, high-quality water vapor necessary for the food industry.


Optimizing the thermal efficiency of an installation consists in optimally recovering the energy that would otherwise be lost (fatal heat). A water preheater makes it possible to recover the heat contained in the condensates before storage.

Feedwater heater (LP/HP)

These tube and shell type exchangers are intended to heat the feed water for the boiler of a thermal electricity production unit. It is the steam or hot condensates that heat the water.

Steam condenser

At a time when all thermal systems ensure maximum efficiency, condensate heaters allow maximum energy recovery and thus contribute to climatic issues.

Oil cooler

Rotating machines not only require proper lubrication, but also heat dissipation from their operation. Shell and tube oil coolers make it possible on the one hand to cool and therefore extract part of the heat produced during the operation of the rotating machine, but also to restore to the oil its viscosity properties and therefore its power.

Gas cooler

To cool a gas which only partially condenses, the shell and tube heat exchanger is ideal because it allows the two phases to be separated if necessary

Liquid cooler

In a chemical process or an energy production process, a liquid can be caused to be cooled. If the fluid used for cooling is river water or sea water, multi-tube exchangers are particularly well suited because they allow the periodic cleaning which is essential to maintain the performance of the exchanger.