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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri

Industries concerned : 
Gas heater : Electric heaters, skids and special equipments - Quiri
To transform a liquid into a gaseous phase such as CO2 (for the carbonated drink production industry, for example), an electric vaporizer is a particularly suitable and flexible solution, requiring nothing other than an electrical supply.

Thermal specificities:


Quiri, specialist in heat exchangers, introduces you an electrical gas vaporizer.

We delivered this exchanger for a French brewery.

The electrical heater, which is a heat exchanger, of Quiri thermal design, ensures the vaporization by heating of the CO2 through an electrical immersion heater.



Some Technical Data:


Shell side
Nature of fluids   CO2
Inlet temperature °C -20°
Outlet temperature °C 35
Operating pressure Bar abs 20
Design pressure Bar g 24
Design temperature °C -20 / 35
Shell diameter mm DN 200




Geometric specificities:


Vertical heat exchanger, overall length 2 m, empty weight 100 kg.



Construction Specificities:


Code : CODAP

Joint efficiency : 1







  Matière Norme
Shell Gr6 SA333
Tubesheet and shell flange P280 GH EN 10222-2
Cover WPB SA234
Bundle tubes TP321 EN 10217-7
Nozzles Gr6 SA333


Tube to tubesheet attachment : welding

Welding procedures : according to EN ISO 15614-1 or EN 288.3 and EN ISO 15613

Welders qualifications : according to EN ISO 9606-1 and EN 14732



Quality specificities :


LOFC according to customer specifications, requirements of European and local regulations.




Picture :

Gas heater : Electric heaters, skids and special equipments - Quiri - 2