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Glossary : shell and tube heat exchangers

The experts of Quiri Thermal Exchanges, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers, provide you with all the necessary information for a good understanding of our products  within this glossary.

Find definitions and explanations regarding the following heat exchangers :

  • Heat exchanger

    A heat exchanger is a system made for transferring thermal energy from one fluid to another without mixing them. Heat exchangers are used to heat, cool, condense a gas or evaporate a liquid.
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  • Condenser

    The condenser is a heat exchanger that allows the transformation of vapour into liquid (liquefaction or condensation), on a surface kept cold using a refrigerant.
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  • Evaporator

    An evaporator is a heat exchanger that converts the sensible or latent heat of one fluid into the latent heat of vaporization of another.
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  • Tubular heat exchanger

    The tubular heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger consisting of a bundle of tubes arranged inside an envelope called the “shell”.
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  • Pressure equipment

    Pressure equipment is defined as enclosed containers intended for the manufacture, production, storage or use of compressed or liquefied gases or vapors at a pressure significantly higher than the ambient pressure.
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  • Steam generator
  • Industrial electric heater

To obtain more information about the industrial heat exchangers offered by Quiri or to benefit from a customized solution, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Learn more about Quiri Thermal Exchanges, specialists in tubular heat exchangers

Quiri Thermal Exchanges is a division of the Quiri group, located near Strasbourg. For many years, Quiri Thermal Exchanges has been renowned by major players in the nuclear, energy and oil and gas sectors for the design and manufacture of high-performance and economically optimized tubular heat exchangers. Thanks to cutting-edge skills relating to heat transfer technologies, mechanical design and boiler making, our engineers produce the most complex and demanding multi tube heat exchangers (condenser, evaporative cooler, steam generator…) in terms of quality.