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The condenser is a heat exchanger that allows the transformation of vapour into liquid (liquefaction or condensation), on a surface kept cold using a refrigerant.


Condensers can be distinguished into two main types: air-cooled and water-cooled.

Air-cooled condensers

Air-cooled condensers are generally tubular heat exchangers. The tubes used are fairly thin (one centimeter in diameter) and have a triangular or square pitch, making it possible to limit the pressure drop. Two types of air-cooled condensers exist in refrigeration systems:

  • Natural convection air-cooled condensers: the air circulates by natural convection around the shell.
  • Forced convection air-cooled condensers: the air circulates in a forced manner, by the action of a fan. This type of mechanism is most commonly used in air conditioning systems.

Water-cooled condensers

A water-cooled condenser operates by cooling the refrigerant with water in a heat exchanger. The water and the refrigerant are then strictly independent and hermetic.

This type of condenser is mainly found on chilled water systems and on air-to-water or water-to-water heat pumps.

The different types of water-cooled condensers available in refrigeration systems are:

  • The double tube condenser: this is a shell and tube heat exchanger made up of two superimposed and spirally wound tubes; the refrigerant then circulating in the central tube and water in the second. In order for the heat exchange to be as efficient as possible, fluids circulate in counter-current.
  • The shell and coil condenser: this heat exchanger consists of a tank in which the refrigerant circulates and in which a coil containing the cooling water is installed.
  • The shell and tube condenser is a refrigeration condenser reserved for large industrial cooling units. The refrigerant circulates inside the tubes, in a design that allows cleaning when it becomes fouled, and condenses outside the tubes.
  • Brazed plate condenser: this plate heat exchanger is intended for low and medium capacity machines operating with new refrigerants (R407C and R410A).


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