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Pressure equipment

Pressure equipment is defined as enclosed containers intended for the manufacture, production, storage or use of compressed or liquefied gases or vapors at a pressure significantly higher than the ambient pressure.

Also called pressure vessels, they are found in our daily environment (gas cylinders, fire extinguishers…) but are mainly used in various industries, such as chemical, petrochemical or metallurgical industries : steam generators, reactors, separators or even gas pressure tanks.

Safety issues related to pressure vessels

Because they operate at very high pressure, the manufacture, carriage and use of pressure vessels can be hazardous, particularly in the event of equipment destruction, with projection of fragments and sudden release of gas or vapors, sometimes toxic or flammable. In addition, there are many degradation factors that can lead to the destruction of pressure tanks, such as corrosion, use outside the temperature or pressure limits specified by the pressure equipment manufacturer or cracking in highly stressed areas or along welds.  

Monitoring pressure vessels is therefore essential. Special attention must also be paid to their construction.

Safety regulations for pressure equipment

In most countries, due to the risks they present for safety, health and environmental protection, pressure equipment is classified into different categories, depending on the level of associated risk. In France, they are regulated by the Environment Code. Each step of their conception, from design to periodic verification, is then legislated. 

Learn more about Quiri Thermal Exchanges, designer and manufacturer of pressure vessels and heat exchangers

Specialists in the design and manufacture of tubular heat exchangers, Quiri Thermal Exchanges offers a range of industrial pressure vessels, including buffer tanks, separators, pulsation dampeners and process fluid storage tanks. As experts in industrial boiler making, our engineers are able to develop any type of carbon or stainless steel pressure vessel, according to the specific needs and requirements of your industry. Our company provides you with reliable, durable equipment that complies with regulatory requirements and can therefore be operated safely. Quiri carries out verifications at various stages of the design of your pressure tank, ensuring its reliability. For more information about our pressure equipment, shell and tube heat exchangers or heat exchanger spare parts, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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