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Buffer tank

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Pressure vessels
Buffer tank - Pressure vessels - Quiri
Pressurized equipment located upstream or downstream of multi-tube exchangers, this type of tank allows a liquid phase to be accumulated so as to balance the flows over the entire fluid circuit.

Thermal specificities:

  Quiri, specialist in heat exchangers, introduces you a buffer tank. The buffer tank supplied by Quiri is part of a set of 4 heat exchangers: vaporizer, tank and 2 sub-coolers. The project consists of the construction of a cogeneration plant running on biomass and supplying heat in the form of steam and hot water to 2 industrialists near the site. The vaporizer is powered by steam drawn from the turbine and will produce steam for industrial use. The primary condensates (steam turbine) will be returned to the boiler feed tank. The secondary condensates come from the industrial. The function of this tank, designed by Quiri, is to keep a certain volume of liquid water in order to guarantee the presence of liquid in the sub-coolers. This tank is also used for regulation on the primary side.    

Some Technical Data:

Shell side
Nature of fluids   condensates
Operating temperature °C 215
Operating pressure Bar abs 25
Design pressure Bar g 45
Design temperature °C 290
Shell diameter mm 600

Geometric specificities:

  Horizontal tank, overall length 3,3 m, empty weight 1,2 tons.          

Construction Specificities:

  Code : CODAP Regulation: PED 2014/68 / EU Risk category IV, reception module G Joint efficiency : 0.85  


  Material Standard
Shell P265 GH EN 10028-2
Cover P265 GH EN 10028-2
Nozzles Gr6 SA333
  Welding procedures : according to EN ISO 15614-1 or EN 288.3 and EN ISO 15613 Welders qualifications : according to EN ISO 9606-1 and EN 14732    

Quality specificities :

  LOFC according to customer specifications, requirements of European and local regulations.

3D view:

Buffer tank - Pressure vessels - Quiri - 2