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Shell and tube heat exchangers, hydraulic cylinders, components & hydraulic systems, gas springs : Quiri

Welded components

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Spare parts
Welded components - Spare parts - Quiri
With its experience in boiler making and welding, on the basis of its "trade" expertise, Quiri Echanges Thermiques can supply any type of special part on plan.

Thermal Specifics :

Quiri, specialist in heat exchangers, offers you a special boiler component. Component manufactured by Quiri and delivered in North Africa on behalf of a petrochemical complex in Eastern Algeria. This boiler component is a pin-tube bundle used to vaporize the ethylene circulating inside the tubes. Quiri manufactured and delivered a set of two bundles.

Technical data

Tube side
Fluid Ethylen
N of passes 1
Operating temperature °C -104 / +35
Operating pressure Bar G 21

Geometric Specificities :

Bundle for ethylene vaporizer.

Constructive specifications :

Code: ASME VIII div 1 Regulation: Algerian Design temperature: -104 / +50 °C channel side Design pressure: 24 bars (g) channel side Test pressure: 41 bars (g) on the can side Welding coefficient 0.85


  grade standard
Channel SA312 TP 304L ASME
Caps SA403 WP304L ASME
Tubes SA249 TP304L ASME
Welding processes: according to ASME IX Welders approval: according to ASME IX

Quality specificities :

Quality plan according to customer specifications, European and Algerian regulations requirements. Establishment of a preliminary file and sending it to the Algerian General Directorate of Mines (DGMH) for approval before the launch of the manufacture

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Welded components - Spare parts - Quiri - 2