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Evaporative condenser

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Shell and tube heat exchangers
Evaporative condenser - Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri
The multitubular exchanger remains an equipment very well suited to industrial cold production installations of high power, particularly in chemical or petrochemical processes.

Thermal Specifics :

  The global project consists in renovating the existing chilled water production units embarked on 4 naval frigates. These ships are each equipped with 4 installations to produce chilled water at a rate of 57.4 m3/h at 6°C from the network, with a return temperature of 12°C. The refrigerant used in these heat exchangers was R11, a fluid that is no longer authorized and the refrigerator manufacturer recommends R134 A. The refrigerant is condensed with sea water, which at certain latitudes can reach a temperature of 32 °C, the value used for the thermal design. In addition to the thermal performance, the challenge is to offer compact multi-tube heat exchangers that respect the existing dimensions and are able to operate with sea water. The need for compactness requires the integration of both the condenser and the evaporator in a pressure vessel. This constraint requires the installation of a separator in order to avoid the presence of liquid refrigerant at the compressor suction, but also to design a pressure vessel capable of containing bundles of tubes operating at high pressure (HP, condenser) and another at low pressure (LP, evaporator).

Quelques Données Techniques :

Evaporator Chilled water production Condenser Cooling fluid
Fluid names R134 A water R134A Sea water
Number of passes 1 2 1 2
operating Temperature (inlet / outlet) °C 4 (saturation) 12 / 6 55 /41.7 (saturation) 43.4 75.6
operating pressure Bar (a) 3.36 6 10.2 3
Heat exchange area 123.4 75.3
Duty kW 400 530
Type of bundle tubes Copper low fin tubes Titanium low fin tubes with internal enhancement

Geometric Specificities :

  Horizontal tubular heat exchanger, Type 2 in 1  

Constructive Specificities :

  Code : AD Merkblätter Regulation: Germanischer Lloyd Design temperature: -10°C / +66 °C Calculation pressures: -1/ 16 bar (g) on channel side and shell side Test pressures: 44 bar (g) on channel  side and shell side. Welding coefficient 0.85                

Material grade :

  grade standard
shell P265 GH EN 10028-2
tubesheet P265 GH + titane  
Channel flanges P265 GH EN 10028-2
Dishes P265 GH EN 10028-2
Bundle tubes Cuivre et titane DIN 1781 +DIN 17671
Nozzles Gr6 ASTM A333
Baffles S235JRG2 EN 10025
  Tube to tubesheet attachments: welded and expanded Welding processes: EN ISO 15614-1 or EN 288.3 approved Welders' approvals: According to EN 287.1 or EN 1418 Semi-automatic MIG/MAG processes  

Quality Specificities :

LOFC according to customer specifications, requirements of European and local regulations. Operating file in English and German language Germanischer Lloyd-certified design and manufacture            

Vue 3D :

Evaporative condenser - Shell and tube heat exchangers - Quiri - 2