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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri


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Quiri Thermal Exchanges is an expert in the design and manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers, who has been evolving for more than a century at your service. Since the development of our first cold production machines in 1876, Quiri has become a master in the development of heat exchanger solutions. Our industrial tubular heaters, evaporative condensers, gas, air or fuel coolers and other heat exchange systems have given Quiri an international reputation. 

As a true expert in the field, Quiri provides its customers with the most efficient, economically optimised heat transfer solutions, adapted to the energy, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical and industrial refrigeration sectors.

Based on reactivity and listening to the customer, our company strategy creates the conditions for the success of your tubular heat exchanger project. By relying on know-how acquired over many years of experience in the field and on cutting-edge skills in the fields of mechanics, heat transfer and welding, our engineers position themselves as true partners for our customers and are able to carry out the most complex industrial heat exchanger projects (gas heaters, steam condensers, evaporative coolers and more). Each of our achievements is subject to regulatory tests and various controls, so that they can leave our plants meeting the most demanding quality criteria.

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