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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri

Glossary : hydraulic equipment

The experts of Quiri Hydromechanics, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment (hydraulic cylinders and systems, gas springs), provide you with all the necessary information for a good understanding of our products within this glossary.

Find definitions and explanations regarding the following hydraulic systems, machinery and components :

  • Hydraulic cylinder

    Found on many industrial and agricultural machines, the hydraulic cylinder is an actuator which allows to create a mechanical movement and exert significant pushing or pulling efforts.
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  • Gas spring

    The gas spring, sometimes referred to as “gas strut” or “gas shock”, consists of a cylindrical steel body containing a compressed gas (nitrogen) and a rod/piston sliding in a guide ring.
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  • Hydraulic sytem

    A hydraulic system, in hydromechanics, is a combination of components (shock absorbers, hydraulic cylinders…) using a pressurized fluid (oil for oleohydraulic systems) to perform mechanical work.
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  • Test bench

    The test bench, also called “test stand”, is an industrial hydraulic system used to put a product in conditions of use, in order to observe and analyze its behavior.
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  • Double acting cylinder

    The double-acting cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder whose piston can move in both directions under the action of the pressurized fluid. It is the most commonly used cylinder in industry.
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  • Hydraulic jack

    The hydraulic jack is a lifting equipment designed to facilitate the handling of heavy loads. It is most often used in the automotive industry to lift vehicles.
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  • Hydraulic press

To obtain more information about the gas springs, hydraulic actuators and other hydraulic machinery and components offered by Quiri or to benefit from a customized solution, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Learn more about Quiri Hydromechanics, specialists in industrial hydraulics

Quiri Hydromechanics is a division of the Quiri group, located near Strasbourg. Since 1955, our company has been an expert in the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial hydraulic equipment. From lifting equipment (hydraulic press, jack, hand pump…), to hydraulic cylinders, gas springs and hydraulic power packs or clamps, our complete range of solutions allows us to meet all your needs in terms of industrial hydraulics. ISO 9001 certified and possessing numerous quality accreditations, our company is able to meet the highest requirements of your industry and provide you with the most efficient equipment.

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