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Stainless steel swing clamps with helical rotation

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Hydraulic Clamping Systems
Stainless steel swing clamps with helical rotation : Hydraulic Clamping Systems - Quiri
The stainless steel swing clamps with helical rotation are dedicated to challenging environment. The design of this cylinders allows the use of borated or demineralized water, eliminating any risk of pollution of a clean medium.

Field of application : nuclear industry, chemical, food.

The swing clamps can clear the working area to facilitate components loading and un-loading operations. Designed for automated  systems, they reduce non-productive time.

All parts are in produced in a high quality, high-stength stainless steel, for maximum reliability and durability.
All our swing clamps include venting ports.
Clamping arms are removable without extracting tools.
Cylinders are available with or without an indexing on the piston rod.

The operating pressure for 50 to 250 bar enables a force at the clamping point between 1 and 22 kN.

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