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Positive locking cylinders

The Lock© cylinder has a diameter which is less than the piston one, thus creating a connection through adhesion due to the deformation of the materials present. Unlocking is achieved by means of hydraulic pressure applied uniformly between the surfaces in contact.

This system of locking by absence of pressure is used to maintain a fully controlled clamping force when the cylinder is not connected to its source. In addition, it is completely unaffected by the vibrations.

The piston is fitted with an adjustment locked in the cylinder.
Supplying the unlocking makes the cylinder deform, allowing the piston to move freely.
The cylinder then functions as a standard double acting cylinder in traction or in thrust.
When the unlocking pressure is removed, the piston is retained by being ‘gripped’ withing the cylinder.
The clamping force is thus maintained in the absence of pressure.

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