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R-Lock© compact self-locking swing clamp RLC

Double acting
Locking force: 15 kN compact version

Absolute safety if pressure is lost!

This swing clamp includes a system for locking through absence of pressure which allows the clamping force to be maintained when the clamp is disconnected from its source.
This type of clamp is completely insensitive to vibrations.
In all applications involving palletising, transfer, quick changing of press tools, mould closing and test benches, these clamps provide safe operation.
The arm pivots in the plane, followed by displacement. Once the workpiece is clamped, the pressure may be removed.

General specifications

• supply through gas taps in the flange ring
• locked by the absence of pressure

Technical specifications

• rod extension cross section: 12.56 cm2
• rod retraction cross section: 7.65 cm2
• clamp service pressure: 160 bar max.
• clamp test pressure: 240 bar
• release pressure: 300 ≤ P ≤ 330 bar
• Lock force: 1500 daN
• travel: 12 mm
• rotation to right/left: 90°

RLC 15/3 D90 T
• clamp type: R-Lock® 15 kN
• release: 300 bar
• supply: through taps
• rotation: right, 90°

RLC 15/3 G90 L
• clamp type: R-Lock® 15 kN
• release: 300 bar
• supply: through counter-bores under the flange ring
• rotation: left, 90°

• supply through counter-bores under flange ring
• 60°, 45° or 30° swing angle on request
• rear sensor rod to CNOMO standards
• custom double clamping may be made.
• pressure intensifier

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