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HiFi actuators

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Servo hydraulics
HiFi actuators : Servo hydraulics - Quiri
HiFi actuators are high efficiency linear actuators especially adapted to close loop control. Equipped with different kind of bearings,these actuators are dedicated to mechanical and dynamic tests : fatigue, characterization, durability….
HiFi actuators are fully modular and can be equipped as a standard with all necessary accessories: Sensors, accumulators, security and propection manifold blocks, mechanical accessories. Al the HiFi actuators are equipped with internal displacement sensors, LVDT or magnetostrictive technology. HiFi PST actuators: Single ended rod polymer bearings Force: 5kN to 10MN Stroke: 20 to 1000 mm Frequency: up to 5Hz ( depending on size) Economic and compact in the small sizes, these actuators are available up to large sizes for low frequency structural or components tests. HiFi P actuators: Double ended rod with polymer bearings Force: 5kN to 3MN Stroke: 20 to 500 mm Frequency: up to 20Hz ( depending on application) The HiFi P actuators, are the most use one in our HiFi range, for all components fatigue or characterization tests. HiFi S actuators: Double ended rod with hydrostatic bearings Force: 10kN to 1000MN Stroke: 20 to 500 mm Frequency: up to 150Hz Equipped with hydrostatic bearings, these actuators can reach high frequencies and sustain important side load compare to classic designed actuators. Accessories : - Load cells - servo- valves - accumulators - Hydraulic function manifold blocks - Mechanical fixture accessories: Rod eyes barings, trunnions, swivel bases...

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