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Hydraulic system

A hydraulic system, in hydromechanics, is a combination of components (shock absorbers, hydraulic cylinders…) using a pressurized fluid (oil for oleohydraulic systems) to perform mechanical work. Such a system can also be called a hydraulic power pack.

Composition of the hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is generally composed of the following elements :

The hydraulic power pack

The hydraulic pump forms the basis of the hydraulic power pack. It allows the fluid to circulate and provides the flow and pressure necessary to generate power. Different types of pumps exist, such as piston pumps, gear pumps or even vane pumps. These hydraulic power units are driven by electric or thermal motors.

Hydraulic hand pumps are the alternative to hydraulic units in their simplified version, driven by muscular effort.

The tank

The hydraulic unit’s tank stores the fluid that enables its operation. It can also be used to cool, decant or degas the fluid.

The hydraulic directional control valve

The hydraulic directional control valve is used to direct the flow of oil from the pump to the receiver(s) to be actuated.

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders can be divided into two main categories (single-acting and double-acting cylinders). They are used to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy in a translational motion.

The hydraulic motor

The hydraulic motor acts as a receiver and transforms the energy received by the fluid into mechanical energy in a rotary motion. Two categories of motors can be distinguished: fixed displacement and variable displacement motors.

Many additional hydraulic components can be integrated into the hydraulic system to ensure proper operation, such as the pressure gauge (to measure pressure), the pressure relief valve or the oil filter.

Quiri, expert in the design and manufacture of industrial hydraulic systems

Quiri Hydromechanics is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of hydraulic systems, equipment and components for industry and testing. Our know-how and skills in the field of hydraulic testing machines allow us to offer a diversified range of industrial equipment (double or single acting hydraulic cylinders, pools or even hydraulic test benches). We also offer a wide selection of industrial gas springs and hydraulic clamping systems. For more information about our hydraulic power units and test benches, please contact our experts.

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