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Double-acting cylinder

The double-acting cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder whose piston can move in both directions under the action of the pressurized fluid. It is the most commonly used cylinder in industry. Double-acting actuators have two supply ports, so that the pressure of the hydraulic fluid is applied alternately to each side of the piston. Hydraulic energy is then transformed into mechanical energy and causes movement in one direction and then in the other. While the double-acting hydraulic cylinder can be used on many types of construction machinery, it is particularly well suited for hydraulic presses and choppers, opening or closing of drawers and lowering and lifting applications because of its linear motion.

The different types of double-acting hydraulic cylinders

Two types of double-acting hydraulic cylinders can be distinguished:
  • Single rod double-acting cylinder: this is the most common type of double-acting actuator. It has one piston rod and two working surfaces of different sizes (push and pull or return). It performs its movement in both directions, the pushing force being, in proportion to the surfaces, greater than the pulling one. This type of hydraulic cylinder can be used as a differential cylinder.
  • Double rod double-acting cylinder: with a rod on each side of the piston surface, the volumes are equal in both pressure chambers. The speed of the hydraulic actuator is therefore always the same at the inlet and the outlet.

More about Quiri Hydromechanics, designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders

Quiri Hydromechanics is a department of the Quiri Group, an expert in the design and manufacture of industrial hydraulic cylinders and equipment. Our product range covers a wide range of applications in the automotive, railway, health and nuclear industries: hydraulic clamping cylinders and systems, suspensions, snubbers, gas springs and more. The cylinder is an integral part of the performance of hydraulic equipment: our range thus combines robustness and versatility and meets the highest requirements of your industry. Get in touch with our specialists: they will provide you with the most efficient and durable single and double-acting cylinders. Our experts will also be pleased to inform you if you have any questions regarding our product range (hydraulic block cylinders, power units, test benches…).
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