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Hydraulic jack

The hydraulic jack is a lifting equipment used to facilitate the handling of heavy loads. It is commonly used in the automotive industry to lift vehicles.

How do hydraulic jacks work?

Hydraulic jacks are based on a simple working principle: they operate thanks to the actuation by a manual pump of a hydraulic cylinder, to lift the load. The lowering of the cylinder is ensured by the opening of a valve.

Types of hydraulic jacks

There are two main types of hydraulic jacks: bottle jacks and floor jacks.

The floor jack

The floor jack consists of a hydraulic cylinder, a rigid frame fitted with wheels and an articulated arm which provides the motion for lifting. The cylinder is actuated by a manual pumping motion via a handle.

Most floor jacks have a load capacity ranging from 2 to 5 tons, with some suitable for heavier loads and being able to lift up to 20 tons. Hydraulic floor jacks are therefore widely used in workshops.

The main advantage of this type of lifting jack lies in its ease of handling and movement thanks to its wheels. Heavy and stable, the floor jack is particularly suitable for mechanics.

The bottle jack

Bottle jacks and floor jacks are based on the same working principle. However, in the case of the bottle jack, the hydraulic cylinder is not mounted on a wheeled chassis, but on a fixed and flat support. The cylinder then performs the lifting directly, allowing much higher load capacities, up to 100 tons

More about Quiri Hydromechanics, designer and manufacturer of hydraulic jacks and cylinders

Quiri Hydromechanics is a designer and manufacturer of industrial hydraulic equipment: hydraulic systems and hydraulic jacks, gas springs and much more. Quiri offers a wide range of standard, extra-flat or telescopic hydraulic jacks, with various lifting ranges and load capacities (up to 100 tons). Our experts are also able to develop a customized lifting jack. All of our 2, 4 or even 20 ton hydraulic jacks are efficient, durable and suitable for all working environments. For more information about our standard or heavy duty jacks or any other hydraulic equipment (hydraulic snubbers, clamping systems, block cylinders…), please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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