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Designer and manufacturer of multitubular heat exchangers, pressure vessels & hydraulic industrial equipments: cylinders, dampers, hydraulic units - Quiri

Autolock hydraulic vise-grip

Industries concerned : 
Autolock hydraulic vise-grip - Snubbers, special shock absorbers and cylinders - Quiri
Based on the same principle as that of a classical vise-grip, QUIRI Hydromécanique offers a innovating solution of Autolock hydraulic vise-grip with failsafe lockout allowing to lock/clamp strong forces from 5 tons up to 100 tons.

Diverless clamping

Specifically designed to operate subsea, the Autolock hydraulic vise-grip can be activated by hydraulic downline with Hot Stab connection plugged by ROV to the HPU located on board.

QUIRI - Autolock vise-grip - Clamping at 200m deep

QUIRI - Example of 60T Autolock hydraulic vise grips

The Autolock [1] is a positive hydraulic locking device.
The piston is locked into the sleeve (like a press fit joint); and unlocked by putting pressure in the unlock port [2] to allow the piston-rod movement.
- Vise-grip opening by putting pressure in the pulling chamber [3],
- Clamping force done by putting pressure in the pushing chamber[4] and clamping locked by releasing pressure by the unlock port [2].

QUIRI - Autolock hydraulic vise-grip drawing