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12-way synchronized hydraulic lifting unit

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Lifting equipments
Hydraulic unit controlled by PLC used for various lifting / weighing applications, particularly in the construction industry.

Hydraulic unit equipped with 12 synchronized channels that can be configured as single or double acting according to the jacks which are coupled to it, thanks to a series of distributors and solenoid valves which allow the desired mode to be selected.

12-way synchronized hydraulic lifting unit - Lifting equipments - Quiri - 2

It is equipped for its distribution with a return filter and high and low level controllers.

12-way synchronized hydraulic lifting unit - Lifting equipments - Quiri - 3 For automatic control, it has feedback from pressure sensors that measure the load carried by the jacks during the activity and can also be coupled to position sensors. All these parameters are grouped together and displayed on the touch screens during actuation of the jacks. This control unit can be associated with a second WIFI unit in master / slave mode. 12-way synchronized hydraulic lifting unit - Lifting equipments - Quiri - 4

In this configuration, the two control panels can be controlled directly by WIFI from the master control panel by bringing the touch screen of the slave control panel to the level of the master control panel. This makes it possible to control up to 24 hydraulic channels and to limit the number of people to be mobilized to carry out from a single point of control and piloting of the lifts and this, up to 300m of distance.

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