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Biaxial bending bench

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : Servo hydraulics
Biaxial bending bench - Servo hydraulics - Quiri

Client :

  • ENISE Saint Etienne

Project :

  • Biaxial bending bench

Types of test :

  • Single-axis 3-point tests on beams and slabs
  • Single-axis 4-point tests on beams and slabs
  • Biaxial tests on walls up to 2m high and 250mm thick

Technical specifications :

  • Vertical cylinder :
    • Maximum force 800kN
    • 500mm stroke
  • Horizontal cylinder :
    • Maximum force 500kN
    • 250mm stroke
  • QUIRI immersed hydraulic power unit 18.5kW, 32 l/min at 280 bar
  • 2-axis QUIRI SPS600 control system

Characteristics of parts under test :

  • Beam testing, beams up to 500 x 500mm and max. length 5000mm
  • Slab tests: slabs up to 3000 x 3000mm and max. thickness 400mm

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