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Shock absorbers and dampers testing solutions

Industries concerned : 
Shock absorbers and dampers testing solutions - Special shock absorbers, snubbers and cylinders - Quiri
Our experience in dampers and shock absorbers testing machines covers all sectors including automotive, aeronautic, railways, defense and nuclear.
Quiri hydromécanique is a manufacturer of hydraulic devices and especially dampers and shock absorbers.

Examples of applications

- Military and off-road vehicles oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers - Tank gun-position dampers - Nuclear submarine periscope dampers - Wind turbine chassis dampers - Snubbers (for dynamic piping or heavy devices support)

Testing solutions

Based on this important experience is the area of dampers and shock absorbers, we developed a complete range of testing machines for all these kind of devices. Our experience in dampers testing machines covers all sectors including automotive, aeronautic, railways, defense and nuclear. Mechanical frames are available both vertical or horizontal, strokes and forces are available on demand. All the QUIRI testing machines can be supplied as turnkey systems with controller and Hydraulic power pack. By combining the very large range of actuators (in force and stroke) and the different models of power packs, we can meet all type of technical requirement.

SA 30 H+V Shock absorber testing machine

SA 150 is a vertical – horizontal testing machine for shock absorbers or dampers. Both testing position are available in order to test the shock absorber in real position (on railway coach the shock absorbers are mainly mounted horizontally). Dynamic force: 30 kN, Stroke: 250 mm, Max speed: 1.5 m/s (other speed available on request if needed).

SA 50 Shock absorbers testing machine

Dedicated to small size shock absorbers typically for automotive market. High stiffness adjustable steel frame, servohydraulic dynamic actuator HiFi S (20 to 50 Kn), Hydraulic power unit from our standard range (100 to 250 l/mn), SPS 600 digital control system. Main features :
  • Adjustable upper crosshead
  • Hydraulic lifts for positioning
  • Hydraulic Autolock devices on columns for high stiffness
  • Side load system (with cable and static load)
  • Mounting devices for 2 types of damper or more

SA 100 Shock absorbers testing machine

SA 100 vertical machine is typically designed for large shock absorbers for trucks, railways or military vehicles. Dynamic force: 100 kN, Stroke: 250 mm. Testing actuator monted in the upper part to alloy large dimension shock absorbers > 1 meter. Max speed: 1.3 m/s (other speed available on request if needed).

SAH 500 horizontal large bore dampers testing machine

The SAH 500 machine, is designed to test industrial dampers and snubbers. Mechanical frames are available from 50 kN up to 8500 kN.

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