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Product concerned : Servo hydraulics
TRIBOMETER - Servo hydraulics - Quiri
The QUIRI tribometer is a laboratory machine for the measurement of friction on sheet steel samples

The QUIRI tribometer is a laboratory machine for the measurement of friction on sheet steel samples, principally intended for the investigation of drawing (stamping) phenomena (slipping of sheet steel between blank holders). In contrast to the usual equipment which examines contacts of infinitely small surface elements, our equipment simulates actual drawing conditions by reproducing operations on a sample with a surface area of 1cm2 by means of comparative testing. The principal involves gripping the steel sheet sample in tools made of 2 perfectly calibrated plate inserts of known material, surface finish and profile. These inserts are mounted in a horizontal vice, one on the fixed jaws, the other on mobile jaws. Hydraulic gripping is controlled by a force close loop.

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A vertical traction device draws the steel sheet sample across the clamped jaws using a grip. The hydraulic traction force is controlled through a displacement or speed closed loop with measurement of the force. The fully controlled machine provides a multitude of combinations of forces, speeds and travel along both gripping and traction axes.

The SPS 600 software allows settings to be varied using a double signal with a large number of points. The signal alternately provides information relating to gripping forces and the position of the traction actuator. Data acquisition, which is seamless for the user, involves a table of points which contains the signals issued by the tribometer. This sampling will be made at regular intervals throughout the test. It is automatically constructed as a function of the friction length and of the speed of the traction actuator.


  •  Gripping force : 25,000 N
  •  Radial load on slide : 30,000 N
  •  Traction force : 15,000 N
  •  Traction speed min : 0.15 mm/sec max : 100 mm/sec
  •  Sample thickness min : 0.5 mm max : 5 mm
  •  Sample width min : 10 max : 50
  • Gripping travel : 20 mm
  •  Traction travel : 500 mm
  •  Degree of parallelism between plates < 1µ / 1cm2
  •  Overall precision class < ± 1 %
  •  Sensor precision class < ± 0.1 %
  •  Dual range force sensor for gripping class 0.1 2,500 N (option) 25,000 N
  •  Hydraulic servo-control plant power 11 kW 210 bar
  • Sound cover 65 dBA (option)
  •  Levelling measurement system by means of digital sensor, resolution 0.5 µ (option)
  •  Device for regulation of plate temperature 0°C – 200°C (option)
  • Control and acquisition SPS 600 system with specific software in English

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