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Nitrogen load balancer – Guide

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A nitrogen load balancer uses the compressibility of the gas (Nitrogen) to compensate the load of a mobile element, in order to ease the handling and secure the closing. This solution is used, for example, to secure the manual opening of manholes on tanks, vessels or reactors. The balancer actively participates in the safety of the operator.

Nitrogen load balancer – Guide : NITROGEN LOAD BALANCER - Quiri

Benefits of QUIRI solution

• Compact system
• Prevents chocks when closing the manhole, improves your equipment’s lifetime and safety
• Possibility to adjust the balance force by the user on site and without dismounting, by deflating or inflating the balancer (inflating equipment needed)
• Balancer inflated with nitrogen, inert gas
• Complete range, various strokes and mounting possibilities.
• Pushing (piston rod normally out) and pulling (piston rod normally in) types
• Also available in stainless steel
• As a specialist, designer and manufacturer of this product, QUIRI can propose innovative solutions suited to our customer’s specific needs.

Nitrogen load balancer – Guide : NITROGEN LOAD BALANCER - Quiri - 2

Mounting with pressure adjustment

• Remove the plug from the valve body
• Fasten the deflating tool and empty the load balancer
• Mount the load balancer on the manhole mechanism
• Remove the deflating tool
• Mount the inflating unit and inflate per stage until ideal balance is reached
• If pressure is too high it is possible to deflate with the inflating unit
• Remove the inflating unit
• Fasten the plug on the valve body while controling the cleanliness and position of the O-ring

Application example

Example of a nitrogen balancer installation on a DN 350/450 manhole, itself mounted on a 1000L reactor tank.

Nitrogen load balancer – Guide : NITROGEN LOAD BALANCER - Quiri - 3
Nitrogen load balancer – Guide : NITROGEN LOAD BALANCER - Quiri - 4
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