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Product concerned : Hydraulic Clamping Systems
APPLICATOR / RETACKER CYLINDER - Hydraulic Clamping Systems - Quiri
Cylinder for retacking (realigning) the part deposited manually or by a robotic system to the original surfaces of the part of the machining assembly.

This hydraulic retacker cylinder works in double effect. Its simple, compact and reliable design allows this applicator cylinder to be integrated into all types of machining fixtures.

The rod end of the QUIRI applicator / retacker cylinders can be adapted to each part:

  • One-off contact
  • Surface contact
  • Ball-jointed end
APPLICATOR / RETACKER CYLINDER - Hydraulic Clamping Systems - Quiri - 2

The QUIRI applicator cylinder is available with 4 different touching / retacking forces; 7.5kN, 9.5kN, 15kN and 20kN, it nevertheless always retains the same external dimensions.

These different variants make it possible to select a model according to the mass of the part.

This retacker jack operates with a minimum pressure of 110 bars, a nominal pressure of 250 bars; the touch force is calibrated mechanically thanks to the spring (yellow) making the connection between the piston (blue) and the rod (green).

APPLICATOR / RETACKER CYLINDER - Hydraulic Clamping Systems - Quiri - 3

The applicator cylinder is equipped with 3 orifices, 2 feed holes A and B dedicated to the exit and retraction of the rod. A vent hole E allowing the stopper to breathe = straight exit and re-entry of the rod.


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