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How to use the hoses

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1) Each pipe has a sticker on both end.
2) QUIRI pipes are made on order at any length.
3) Pipes must be assembled by hand, not by tools.
4) The minimum bending radius is 20mm.
5) Pipe’s inside diameter is 2mm, outside diameter is 5mm, the maximum pressure can reach 63 MPa (630 bar)


The QTP adapter on manifold block, includes a one way valve to avoid leakage. When you make the connection, the pin which is inside the female adapter will push the valve to open it, the nitrogen gas will be transferred freely. When you disassemble the piping system, the valve will close by itself.

When there is no pressure in the system, valve is closed.

How to use the hoses : Hoses - Quiri

a) Screw the female adapter on the adapter (QPT) by hand.
b) You can feel the pin touch the valve (Drawing 1).
c) Turn more after you feel it.
d) When the valves is opened, the connection is finished (Drawing 2).
e) If you use some tools like pliers to close it, the torque moment should be less than 3 N.m if the length of your tool is about 300mm, your force should be less than 1 kgF.

If there is pressure in the piping system, please follow the above a) to e) steps.

But, because there is pressure pushing the valve in the adapter (QTP), when you make step b), c) ,d) it will be more difficult for you to turn it than without pressure.


a) When you connect gas spring with pressure (or connect to the manifold block), you should connect the two sides at the same time. (Drawing 3)
b) Before you connect it, please confirm the female adapter can connect with the adapter on the gas spring. If there is leakage, the pipe will sway disorderly and it can be dangerous. (Drawing 3)
c) You should check the adapters if there is leakage after you finish connection.
d) You can use our gas leak detection liquid (order code : A99525) to check if there is leakage. In this case, please turn the female adapter further.
e) After connection, you can check the pressure through control panel (QNCB). If the gauge indicates 0, you should check the system carefully again.

How to use the hoses : Hoses - Quiri - 2

Disassembly of pipes from the system and notice

1) If there is no pressure in the system, you can make it with opposite sequence.
Even you release the pressure from control panel (QNCB), manifold block and the piping system, there will still be some gas inside, so you should use some force to open the adapters.

Notice : When you release the pressure, you should confirm that the pressure gauge indicates 0, and the draining plug is opened.

2) If there is pressure in the system, you can make it with opposite sequence.

Notice : When you remove the pipe between two gas springs or one side is manifold block with pressure, you must remove both sides of female adapters at the same time. If you remove one side at first, there will be leakage and the pipe will sway disorderly and it can be dangerous.

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