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Bitube shock absorbers with IESD

With internal end of stroke dampers

  • tensile strength of 300 kN
  • temperature range from -20 to +200 + degree Celsius
  • rebound and compression forces > 40 kN
  •  velocity rating up to 5 m / s

Separate Jounce and rebound damping hydraulic devices, for an optimized management of body handling, traction, vibration comfort and crossing capacities of the military vehicle. Decoupling of jounce and rebound allows a perfect hydraulic suspension.

IESD : Internal End of Stroke hydraulic cushion Dampers

  • Jounce end of stroke damper: automatically adapts the damping according to the impact speed. Compared to polyurethane silent blocks, this internal damper dissipates energy, resulting in much more comfort and less energy going back to the chassis.

Rebound end of stroke damper: manage rebounds and wheel drops. Avoids inertial phenomena disturbing the military vehicle in bad off-road conditions.

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Bitube shock absorbers with IESD : Heavy Duty Vehicles Shock Absorbers - Quiri - 2

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