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The HPA hydro-pneumatic suspension combines hydraulic damping and adjustable gas spring.

This active heavy duty suspension allows on board adjustment of the suspension behavior depending on riding conditions like: road, off-road, particular off- road settings, maintenance.

  • Ajustable ride height
  • Ajustable damping stifness
  • No hardware adjustments, fully controlled
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Components of the hydropneumatic suspension:

Suspension damper – actuator

The damper-actuator is the adjustable damping device equipped with temperature sensor.

Adjustment and control manifold equipped with:

  • HP accumulator to limit the force
  • LP adjustable accumulator to adjust damping
  • Ride high adjustment cylinder
  • Temperature, pressure and displacement sensors
HPA suspension : Heavy Duty Vehicles Shock Absorbers - Quiri - 2

Supply and distribution manifold

Manifold  equipped with several valves and solenoid valves to control the different adjustments of the heavy duty suspension.

Electronic controller

QUIRI can either supply the complete suspension electronic controller, or only the adapted software compatible with the electronics of the vehicle.

This complete suspension system requires an on board hydraulic power unit. Depending on the size and performances, a 210-280 bar, 20l/mn HPU is generally sufficient.

HPA suspension : Heavy Duty Vehicles Shock Absorbers - Quiri - 3

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