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Snubber filling bench

SBF 3000-6

Snubber filling bench : Hydraulic snubbers - Quiri
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To ensure the optimal performance of snubbers, the perfect fluid filling by vacuum is necessary to remove air of oil and so insuring better lifetime expectancy for fluid, valves, nozzles and tightness of equipment. This process ensure also higher stiffness of the snubbers.

This filling technology is the only way to have optimal oil volume inside snubbers, and so to have peak to peak values in conformity with the QUIRI factory setting.

Technical characteristics

• Maximal unit mass of snubber : 500 kg (total 3000 Kg)
• Number of filling station : 6
• Oil tank capacity : 185 l (for one tank, second tank optional)
• Vacuum pump with pressure gauge
• Waste oil chamber to protect the vacuum pump
• Manual oil pump with volume control to adjust the snubber filling
• 6 masses to maintain the rod out when snubber is in vacuum


• Supplementary tank
• Snubber spare plugs
• Oil
• Technical training by QUIRI technician

Not included

• Crane to lift snubbers

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