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Controllers and softwares

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Product concerned : QUIRI HYDROSystems
Controllers and softwares - QUIRI HYDROSystems - Quiri
Digital controller SPS 600, software suites for testing, data acquisition, analyze.

SPS 600

Digital controller

SPS600 is a controller for servohydraulic systems. Designed to be connected directly with servo-actuators, SPS 600 can easily conduct the main type of mechanical tests: Fatigue, characterization, simulation. SPS 600 can be also directly connected to hydraulic test benches or stations to conduct fluid type test: pressure pulsation, flow/pressure characterization, simulation, fatigue, pressure shock. Multi axis combined with multi test system, SPS 600 can control up to 12 channels depending on the test configuration.


16 bits digital controller rack with supervision PC and optional remote control. Available configurations: SPS 600 LT: desktop SPS 600 ST: small cabinet 19" (industrial PC+ UPS) SPS 600 LAB: large size 19" cabinet , multi - rack, to control several test benches or a whole laboratory.


SPS600 soft: Sensors and servo-valve setting, PID and advance close loop regulation setting, digital I/O programming, real time data visualisation, cyclic and ramp test, threadholds setting, data acquisition and analyze. Additional modules: Multi profil test, iterations, tribometer, ECE 14, export MME(ISO13499)