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HiFi R rotary actuators

Industries concerned : 
Product concerned : QUIRI HYDROSystems
HiFi R rotary actuators - QUIRI HYDROSystems - Quiri
HiFi actuators are high efficiency rotary actuators especially adapted to close loop control. Equipped with reinforced bearings,these actuators are dedicated to mechanical and dynamic tests fatigue, characterization,durability...

HiFi R actuator
Torque : de 228 à 48000 Nm
Frequency: maxi 2 Hz
Single blade : rotary angle 270°
Double palette : rotary angle 90°
For low frequency use

HiFi HSR actuator
Torque : de 228 à 48000 Nm
Frequency: up to 10 Hz
Double blade actuator with drain
Adapted to high speed and cadency

Angle sensor: RVDT or encoder
Rigid torsionnal coupling
Torque sensor
Mounting bracket
Hydraulic function block