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Online pressure intensifiers MDP_L

Dynamic online intensifier

The MDP is an oscillating hydraulic pressure intensifier which increases the output pressure. The intensifier maintains that pressure by automatically making up for the consumption by any receivers that may be fitted on the high-pressure side.
The MDP operates within a supply pressure range from 20 to 200 bar and delivers output pressure which is proportional to the supply pressure (800 bar max.). The output pressure is adjusted by adjusting the input pressure.
The MDP includes a pilot check valve that maintains the pressure in the system and allows decompression by reversing the valve.

• supply pressure 20 to 200 bar
• max output pressure 500 bar
• temperature -40°C to +120°C
• filtration 10 micron max. 19/16 as per ISO 4406
• zinc plated body
• the MDP does not contain any O-ring.

In order to avoid tightness problems due to particulate pollution we recommend the use of a filter on the P inlet. For filter selection, see page 142.

The assembly design must take into consideration the fact that the intensifier shows a slight internal loss between P and R.

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Online pressure intensifiers MDP_L : Hydraulic unit and components - Quiri - 2
Type Reference
Intensification ratio

or gain



input flow rate




output flow rate






l/min l/min Kg
MDP 2.0 L A 66 331 2.0 8.0 0.8 1
MDP 3.2 L A 33 332 3.2 15.0 2.5 1
MDP 4.0 L A 66 273 4.0 14.0 2.0 1
MDP 5.0 L A 66 333 5.0 14.0 1.6 1


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