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Hydraulic cylinders and components, hydraulic systems, gas springs & shell and tube heat exchangers : Quiri

Pressure block BMP

Sandwich assembly
Cavity NG6

Maintenance block with accumulator

Part number: 834 A97/100

• pressure gauge for visual pressure check (MA)
• pressure switch (MC) for:
– Stopping the motor when the service pressure has been attained
– Restarting it if the pressure falls by about 10%
• accumulator that maintains pressure and prevents the motor from starting up too often during extended clamping
periods (AC)
• safety pressure limiter (LP2)
• decompression valve with nozzle (RB)
• restrictor on accumulator discharge (FR)

Print this sheet
Pressure block BMP : Hydraulic unit and components - Quiri - 2

Example of assembly:

Pressure block BMP : Hydraulic unit and components - Quiri - 3

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