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Shell and tube heat exchangers, hydraulic cylinders, components & hydraulic systems, gas springs : Quiri


Hydraulic cylinders

Double or simple acting hydraulic cylinder. For many industrial applications, large bore/rod cylinder range. Manufacturing case by case.

Hydraulic shock absorbers

Full range of tailor made hydraulic shock absorbers

Hydraulic suspensions

Full range of tailor made suspensions, hydromechanic, passive or active hydropneumatic suspensions.

Rod locking device – Auto-Lock

Rod locking system with positive safety, for tensionning and locking. The locked load range is from 5kN to 3000kN for stroke up to 2 meters.


Additional linear support which stop undesirable sudden mouvement of severals components. The snubbers allow low displacement of the components, but stop and block all high speed undesirable displacement, due to earthquake, opening of safety valves, pipes rupture...

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